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Post by Dotaria on Fri Aug 22, 2014 4:43 am

Jason didn't know whether he was exhausted or so geeked up on adrenaline that he was high. Frankly, he didn't care because this now turned to a fight for survival. He was convinced the others had left him, and he was to die out here alone.

"Valhalla awaits the strong who die with Honor, I'll be fine in the end."

He somehow knew he was going to die, so he was going to sell his life the best he could and take as many of these bastards with him as possible. He somehow knew their mannerisms of fighting, as if he fought them before, and somehow it became easier to cut them down around him. His body, but especially his sword, began to glow with energy, slicing through steel, flesh, and bone almost as if it wasn't there.

"This must be what dying with Honor feels like. Oh Spero, save me a seat by you so we can have a drink and you can tell me if these people I'm dying for are truly worth it."

His sword was a perfect extension of himself, and he found himself ejecting his other sword to fight the enemy around him. Block left, stab right, spin right, stab left. It all became a blur to him before his eyes. He knew he was yelling, and he knew his enemy could hear it. Somehow, it focused him, because his attacks became more precise and accurate.

"I hope my Ryse will know of my death, and nod in approval. Gods, why won't I die already?"

It seemed as though his mind wouldn't let him die, and his hands wouldn't obey him. It was as if his body and subconscious were intertwined even closer now, and that he was only a person watching a movie and story unfold before him. He began to not know where he was anymore, all that mattered to him was dying.

"Why am I thinking like this? Dotarians love nothing but fighting and fucking... What is going on?"

He then remembered. These were the things who captured him and Adam, who tortured them and let them loose as if they were experimental rats. He also realized that they sent him here for a purpose, to weaken the defenses of the base. He was intended to be a Sleeper Cell to kill these people. He couldn't let that happen.

Then, his mind snapped back into reality, and he saw that one of the transport ships was still unscathed. Thinking quickly, he dodged several strikes aimed for him and boarded the craft, closing the craft off with a button he somehow knew was there. Sheathing his swords, he moved to the bridge quickly and saw that the Outsiders who piloted the craft knew he was on board and were trying to lift off. He stabbed them both by throwing his hands out and ejecting his blades //Yes, an Assassins Creed assassination// into their skulls.

He tossed the bodies back in the cargo hold quickly and fired up the engines. Bringing the weapons systems online, he flew out of the base and turned the ship around, pointing all guns at the enemy that followed him. He smiled, and fired away.

He could only imagine how much the base was being rocked at the moment, with weapons going off in their back door. He just hoped that anyone outside the base wouldn't be lit up in the fireworks, and that if they were outside, they would hide.

Then, one of the Outsiders peeked his head into the window view of the cockpit, and looking to his right and left, Jason could see that they were all over his craft. They were trying to disable the craft, destroying all weapons and engines so they could come after Jason again. Jason turned to the bodies of the Outsiders he just killed, and saw power packs for shields and armor that the Outsiders used to charge their weapons and shields. It would have to do.

He grabbed two, and used one to charge his shield back up by ejecting an adapter on his chest, to the canister, and plugging it in. At that time, he was going for the patch of asteroid dirt right outside the hangar to which he hit the throttle on the craft to full forward. His armor sucked up the energy as intended, and Jason switched out the energy canister right as he was about 100 yards away. At that time, he hit the Ion Booster on board the craft, making him go faster than a bullet.

Whether he lived or died, he would do so with a smile on his face and laughter in his throat.
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Delta Base 0956 [FT RP] - Page 5 Empty Re: Delta Base 0956 [FT RP]

Post by East Ibsenia on Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:02 pm

Marcus and Ghost headed up to the second floor. An explosion rocked the base from below.

"He was a good soldier. He died to help us all..."

After standing silently for a moment, Marcus looked out the window to see that crazy Dotarian charging a landing ship towards the hangar. Even if he survived the crash, he wouldnt be able to get back in the base.

He was crazy, and a jackass, but i respect him.

Marcus looked at Ghost, his armor was shredded and juices were leaking out of a shoulder. 

"Will you make it?"

Ghost simply shook his head no, and kneeled to the ground, popping his body out of his armor. His body was covered in yellow crystals, and his right limb was completely crystallized. The pain shuddered through his body. Marcus handed him his pistol, and walked away, leaving the man to his death throes.

Marcus walked to the end of the hallway, where he found Karl in the greenhouse. He had hacked into the mainframe, and was using the control panel to control the entire base.

"Karl, everyone else is gone. Neo is dead, Jason is in space, and Ghost is a goner. I dont know where our patient or Solomon is. It is up to us.

Those creatures are going to get to us soon. one way or another. If they get to us, they will get information on us and the entire galaxy. That cant happen. But on the other hand, if we blow this place sky high, our message may not be sent. I know you used the escape pod, but the amplifier is deep in the asteroid, and is necessary to send the message. If we blow the base the message may not be sent. What is the plan?"
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Delta Base 0956 [FT RP] - Page 5 Empty Re: Delta Base 0956 [FT RP]

Post by El Fiji Grande on Sun Aug 24, 2014 11:31 pm

Karl looked up at Marcus. He did so only briefly before returning to his work with the pod. now with Jason gone, the beasts focused on the pod, and were ripping it to shreds. "You're right. We have no time to lose. But there's one thing you're forgetting. You told me when we got here that there's two escape pods. I used one, and Jason used an Outsider landing ship. Here..... " Karl ditched the pod controls and moved to another panel with a lock. He grabbed his gun, shot open the lock, (//which he can thankfully do now.//) and opened a small panel. He spoke into it, knowing his voice was being transmitted to HQ. "Delta Base 0956 is going to hell. We'll need an emergency fleet as soon as you can make it. The Outsiders are here, they're hostile, and we've only got two men left." He ran with Karl to the remaining pod which was located near the Hangar. They had just seconds before the Outsiders reached them. Karl spoke quickly. "The base needs to go. I've been a coward all my life, running away from my fears. That's why I was put here. But I don't want to die a coward, and I don't want all who remember me to think of me as such. I'll blow the base. You go." Karl didn't wait for Marcus to respond. He closed the pod, sealed the airlock, and jettisoned the pod into space, on a trajectory for the center of the galaxy.

He ran to the end of the hallway, turning the corner just as the Outsiders began to hound after him. They were faster, but he had a head start. He made it to the amplifier, barricading himself in the room. He had seconds to act. He knew he had to wait for Marcus's pod to get far enough away, but also knew that the blast would propel him faster and further towards the galaxy. He scanned quickly over the amplifier. This was in effect the main power source of the asteroid, and if he turned up the settings he knew it would blow out the connections causing a massive explosion. He paused for a second. He grabbed his gun and shot out through the barricade, buying him more time. He lit the room with his hand-held projector - old technology, but whatever, and saw the stars as Marcus saw them. He knew the time was now. He ran to the amplifier, pushed a few levers, and hit a large button which updated the settings. He heard a hum. He had though the explosion would be instant. The hum increased in magnitude, becoming a piercing scream. The last thing he felt was being slammed into the wall of stars.
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Delta Base 0956 [FT RP] - Page 5 Empty Re: Delta Base 0956 [FT RP]

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