The Strategos Prime Civil War

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Re: The Strategos Prime Civil War

Post by Dotaria on Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:48 pm

"Launch countermeasures!"

The clash between both sides was heralded by explosions from both sides, mostly on the Dotarian side. The Dotarian ships launched their fighters, but found that they were going up against bigger ships with stealth technology, making lock-ons very difficult. To this, the Dotarians shot off ACD-EMP's (Anti-Cloaking Device-Electromagnetic Pulse) throughout their whole fleet, and this made seeing the Atlaticans as more than just birds.

They were goddamn warships.

"Pull back to a defensive lone on our rear!" Jason ordered, "Target any and all enemy ships along the way, and protect your engines!" After a mass exodus impeded by the Atlantican attack, the Dotarians pulled back to a defensive formation and started to gain the upper hand. They started to rip the ships apart, until the rest of the navy came into view.

"Fire MAC cannons upon the warships in the back! Destroy their shields and send them home in body bags, NOW!"

Both sides erupted in reds from fired MAC rounds and blues from the Atlantican weapons, rocking the battlefield and destroying ships on both sides. It came to the point though, that the Dotarians were receiving too many casualties, which was warned by Hunter in the opening briefing.

"PULL BACK! Take us back to the Prometheus System, and have a defense readied!"


After the battle in the Alliance Systems, the Coalition Force established a FOB on the planet's surface. Hunter got his first message from Jason, and for the next 3 hours, he stayed in the bridge of the C.D.W. Vengeance. Something was wrong, and his worst fears were realized in the next communique.

"Sir," Jason's voice said, broken with heavy breathing, "We have engaged the Atlanticans by the Prometheus System, but they turned us back. We're on Atlas right now, and they have launched an all out attack on all of our positions in the system. They're spread thin, but they're still inflicting damage."

"Damnit!" Hunter yelled, then opened up communications with Bors, "Brother, Dotaria is under attack!"

"What? What happened?"

Hunter explained to him what he heard, and after he was done, he said, "I'm putting our forces here under your command. I'm taking half of the forces I brought back to Dotaria to help Jason out."

"Go ahead, I have everything under control here," Bors said.

Within minutes Hunter's forces were assembled and they were back in Dotaria, about to enter the Prometheus System to reinforce Jason.
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Re: The Strategos Prime Civil War

Post by Atlantica on Tue Feb 25, 2014 8:04 am

5 AU from Atlantica-Dotaria Line
The Caelum Fleet, N.X.C. Death Galaxy

"How the bloody hell did those Dotarian idiots lock onto us?" Admiral Magellan III said, as he executed further maneuvering and strike commands. He was just in time at the helm of his flagship when a MAC projectile was heading onto the N.X.C. Death Galaxy.

The battlefield was already hell: despite the retreating Dotarians, the Atlantican Navy was still pulling quite an attack against them. The 'Silent Hawk' fighters, still vastly undetected by the Dotarians, began to wreak havoc upon the Dotarian forces, blowing up hundreds of ships and fighters with advanced blue plasma weaponry. The battleships, cruisers and destroyers began to fire every weapon possible: guided missiles, sonic weapons, reinforced plutonium guns and pretty much all weaponry that was ready.

"The Dotarians are apparently retreating," Admiral Magellan III said, as the AESA radar began to track the Dotarians. Then, he turned to the Caelum Fleet, "Caelum Fleet, keep the reinforced defensive line, but the First Precision Strike Fleet would further track."

Suddenly, a hologram appeared upon the Bridge over the lights - the hologram of a man in a suit, with a regal, powerful expression.

"Princeps," Admiral Magellan III knelt at the hologram.

"Admiral Magellan III," Princeps Victor Akulov said. "As you may know, the Dotarians have retreated back into their territory, possibly to repair and strengthen their systems. Reinforcements are on the way: but this time, it would strike the very heart of the enemy's headquarters."

"The enemy's headquarters?" Admiral Magellan III looked up. "Do you mean the Dotarians or the entire Coalition?"

"It can mean both," the Princeps responded in a rich, insidious tone. "Two diversions would be sent for this conquest - one would take it against the front, while the other would break down the entire Coalition into pieces."

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Re: The Strategos Prime Civil War

Post by Dotaria on Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:13 pm

Hunter arrived in the Prometheus System and was already taking advantage of the enemy's surprise, as they weren't expecting reinforcements to arrive so quickly, let alone the best half of the 1st Battle Fleet and Hunter's 1st Legion. They liberated the outer gas giant moons of the system, and moved into the inner terrestrial planets, where chaos was everywhere.

"PROMCOM, this is Ryse Hunter Mathias with the 1st Legion. We're coming in at Vector 2-6-7, 3-2-6 at Planet Atlas, and heading your way. Hold fire in this Vector, we're coming to help," Hunter said, hailing the Prometheus Command Communications for the forces in the area.

"Good Copy Milord, glad you can help us. Recommend you head to Vector 2-8-5, 1-1-7 at Planet Atlas, that's where the worst fighting is located at and where your Vanguards will be able to help the most, how copy?" Hunter heard back.

"Solid copy, PROMCOM, we're coming to help." Hunter replied, then turned to the XO of the ship, "I'm going down there, you got it up here?"

"Of course Milord, Be sure to crush a couple of their rotten skulls for me while you're down there, ehh?" the man replied.

Hunter chuckled and placed his hand on the man's shoulder, "May the Titan watch over you brother."

"And you as well milord."

Hunter went to the war room of the ship to look at the enemy's position on the battlefield. It was the outskirts of the Planetary Capital, Kiral, and the Dotarians had dug trenches for a defense. Atlantican forces were moving in a blitz attack, and were receiving heavy casualties, but they were stil lcoming and they outnumbered his men 12 to 1. He still smiled, as the Atlantican commander must have been green as grass to attack his men in close combat. His men were very adept at close quarters combat, being able to rip apart the Humans of the Galaxy with their bare hands, and this didn't even count for training Close Quarters Combat. He decided to attack from the rear, and squeeze the Atlanticans in between his Vanguards and the defenders of Kiral.

He dropped down directly with 500 other Vanguards, 18 of which were Knights, as the First Tactical insertion team. Their reinforcements, numbering 4,000, would arrive 10 minutes afterward via Pelican, and further reinforcements would be provided at Hunter's request and would be on site within a minute and a half, being able to either "Shot-Pod" in, "Hot Drop" in, or land on site.

//Shot-pods are fired from the ship, Hot drop is a sort of HALO jump from a Pelican.//

Dropping down, they received fire right away from the enemy artillery position outright, making his men take cover behind their shot pods. He folded his face mask over his face, and started laying fire down on the enemy position with his men, killing several in the first few rounds. From then on, it was chaos.

They took the position once the reinforcements came, and with the request of more, they invaded the battlefield and caught the Atlanticans in a pincer. Hunter could see his regulars in the trenches ripping people apart, but they were soon about to be overwhelmed. They fought in close combat with their swords, and within an hour the Atlantican forces were decimated. Those that ran were shot in the back, and those that surrendered were killed outright.

"Thank ye sir," one of the officers in the trench said, "Thought we was going to be killed off for sure."

"Much obliged, where is Commander Jason?"

"Organizing the defense sir, he's in the city."

Hunter arrived in the PROMCOM headquarters of the city, and met up with Jason, who informed them that the Atlanticans were leading an all out invasion of the system, and unless they brought another battlegroup into the fight, Prometheus would be lost within the month.

"Well, We'll hold them off," Hunter said, "They can't get pass us."

A sergeant entered the room with a pale face, "Sir, there is something you should know..."

Hunter looked at the man and immediately knew how arrogant he was.

"They're attacking Requiem."
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Re: The Strategos Prime Civil War

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